£20,000 win in Aylesbury!


Regular Gala Bingo customer Karin Craddock celebrated the New Year in style following her jackpot win of £20,000 playing the Aylesbury Special Ticket Game.


On 1st  January  at her local Club in Aylesbury,  Karin aged 64 bought her ticket for only £1 and scooped the prize of £20,000! The full house game comes with two jackpots; call in 51 numbers or less and you take away £500 BUT if you call in 40 numbers or less (like Karin did) you take away £20,000!


Karin comments: “When I called for the Full House, I jumped up for joy, I went to bingo on my own that evening so I couldnt wait to let all of my family know the news! I plan to firstly treat my children. The rest of the prize money will go towards a car and a lovely holiday. I do enjoy going to Gala Aylesbury its not just about winning, its about having a great time with friends and family.


Demi-Leigh Jorgensen General Manager at Gala Bingo Aylesbury , comments: “Were absolutely delighted for Karin, she is such a lovely woman and it is very well deserved. We wish her all the best with her prize money and look forward to hosting a party for her and her friends.


Karin is not the only winner in the Aylesbury, In October the Club had a £70,000 winner, and various other jackpot winners paying out over £90,000 in prize money in a matter of months.