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How to Play

The Presenter will announce the start of First Chance and tell you the colour of the ticket (labeled on your book pages or electronic screen) and whether you’re playing for a line, two lines or a full house.

All 90 numbers are on your ticket so you can’t miss a number. The numbers are in columns- singles in the first, teens in the second and so on. When a number is called it’s easy to scan down the column. If playing a Paper book, mark off each number with a bingo dabber or pen.

paper & electronic
Top Tip

If you win, give us a nice loud shout to grab the Presenter’s attention. Shout whatever you like: ‘YES!’, ‘HERE!’, ‘BINGO!’- it doesn’t matter… and don’t forget to put your hand up too! You must stop the Presenter on the last number that completes your claim and before they start the first syllable of the next number.

How to Videos

New to Gala Bingo?

For all you bingo newbies we've put together a short video
to help guide you through the basics of how to play bingo.