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How to Play

Our Party Xtra games run between the main Bingo sessions and give you even more chances to win! The games come fast but they’re easy to play.

Games are played on boards which can be found next to your table or on boards that are built into your table. Plus you can play on our electronic touchpads and terminals too!

Party Xtra Board

Party Xtra board

Party Xtra Table

Party Xtra board

Party Xtra Electronic

Party Xtra board

As the game starts you will hear and see coloured numbers being called

  • 1-20
  • 21-40
  • 41-60
  • 61-80

If you’re playing on a Party Xtra board, make sure the number on your board matches the number on your coin slot by the table.

Party Xtra

How to play:

  1. To play any game, insert money into the coin slot on your table before the game starts. Your Presenter will tell you the cost to play each game; usually just 50p or £1. The cost to play will bring your “A board” into play.
  2. If you’re playing on an electronic terminal and need to top up your balance, you can; top up via a coin slot (using the instructions on screen), via cash at the table by asking a member of staff, at Booksales or at a Wizard ATM if your Club has one.
  3. Use plastic counters or plastic window slides on the boards to mark off the numbers as they’re called or use Autoplay on electronic.
  4. Games are won by covering all of the numbers; your Presenter will announce what type of game you are playing.
  5. If you win, press the ‘claim’ button on your table or electronic terminal and make sure you shout as well - we all love a winner!
Top Tip

Listen to your Presenter who will explain what type of game you’re playing... they might even throw in some special offers too!

Play More

If you want an even better chance of winning, just insert more credit and play the “B Board” as well. You can play up to 8 boards on electronic! Buy 3 boards in a game to unlock discounts!

Party Xtra

Listen out for our Party Xtra XL game… all of our Bingo Clubs come together to offer the biggest Gala house prize of the session! You won’t want to miss out on this one! And occasionally, we may play a Dream XL game where for just £1 you could walk away with a dream prize, Previous winners have enjoyed dream holidays, cars and we’ve even paid for Christmas!

How to Videos

New to Gala Bingo?

For all you bingo newbies we've put together a short video
to help guide you through the basics of how to play bingo.