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Pot of Gold local jackpots

Buy a Pot of Gold stamp for just £1 with your Main Event bingo book. Complete a full house and if your final number is that on your Pot of Gold stamp- you've won! 

These are the rules unique to the Pot of Gold Jackpot. They are supplementary to the General Rules Of Play and will form part of the General Club Terms and Conditions.

Terms & conditions

  • Available across four pages of your second half Main Event Book. Please ask a member of the Bingo team at your local club for page references if unsure.

  • To win the Pot of Gold Jackpot, the last number called for the full house, must be the highlighted Pot of Gold number shown on the winning ticket.

  • All Pot of Gold winnings will be won in the club where you're playing. 

  • Minimum payment of £1 to be paid prior to the first Pot of Gold page being played. Proof of eligibility required.

  • A second chance to win the Pot of Gold Jackpot can be purchased for a further £1. Speak to a member of staff at the book sales desk.

  • Proof of eligibility to participate in the Linked Pot of Gold games will be the authorised stamp on the front of the Main Event book.

  • If two players claim, prize money is split equally.

  • The Jackpot will be clearly displayed and announced prior to the commencement of the game.

  • Win on first full house claim only.

  • A claim will only be deemed as valid if the Main Event book is complete with its cover attached and stamped as proof of purchase to participate in the Pot of Gold jackpot.

  • In the event of the jackpot being won, the subsequent jackpot will revert to the base level relevant to the page being played.

  • The advertised jackpot figure is the total for all Pot of Gold jackpots available.  The relevant jackpot for each page will be displayed in club.

  • The Pot of Gold Jackpot can only be won on the First Full House claim and will not be valid in circumstances where the game continues for a further winner.

*Jackpot correct as of 6:00 am on 11/01/2019

Club Name Pot of Gold Jackpot Amount
Aylesbury £250.00
Banbury £421.05
Boston £250.00
Coventry Pool Meadow £372.40
Dover £250.00
Dumfries £250.00
Edinburgh Westerhailes £250.00
Grantham £401.45
Hereford £250.00
Keighley £250.00
Kilmarnock £250.00
Milton Keynes £1000.00
Nottingham St Anns £250.00
Salisbury £263.55
Shrewsbury £250.00
Surrey Quays £507.50
Weymouth £250.00
Woking £250.00
Worcester £250.00